We provide consultation and support in the following areas of expertise:

Digital experience research and evaluation

  • Studies into students’ experience of digital environments provided by schools, FE, and HE;
  • Research into aspects of teaching and learning with new digital technologies and resources, in both formal and informal contexts;
  • Designing and running evaluation studies using both quantitative and qualitative methods (e.g. surveys, evaluation workshops, guided walk-throughs & user observations, focus groups);
  • Designing & analysis of learning and web analytics.

Making and evidencing impact of new digital learning experiences on teaching and learning

  • Evaluation of the impact of new digital experiences on teaching and learning;
  • Advice and guidance on the design of the impact development strategy and the impact evaluation methods and instruments in the early stages of any innovation project to ensure future uptake and success;
  • Support in achieving global impact through our validated International Challenge methods and instruments.

Designing for lifelong learning and CPD

  • Designing and running open online courses and/or advising on the design of MOOCs in a variety of digital platforms (e.g. CourseSites, Moodle, Sakai, WordPress)
  • Developing digital learning materials and innovate digital resources for collaborative learning and peer-to-peer support (e.g. rubrics)
  • Designing and running a range of workshops and Education Hackfests: See Creative Computer Science and Engineering designs in action
  • Facilitating teachers’ and students’ engagement with digital technologies
  • Designing and running bespoke workshops for school-, FE- and HE- teachers with the focus on inquiry-based teaching, innovative pedagogies and transformational use of digital technologies;
  • Delivering creative and innovation learning experiences through blended learning see Living spaces.
  • Support in implementation (and adaptation) of the Learning Designer tool into the institutional context  (schools, FE, HE)


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