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Creative Digital Solutions, CDS Ltd, was started in August 2014 by Dr Patricia Charlton and Joanna Wild. It was formed on our previous successes in delivering impact and evaluation findings for a variety of ERSC- and EU-funded research and implementation projects. The mission of the company is to consult and support the design, development and sharing of innovative and effective teaching and learning experiences. We are experts in designing resources for teaching and learning for all sectors, evaluating digital learning experiences and designing impact evaluation studies.

Trish1 Dr Patricia Charlton
is a leading researcher in deep learning through creative experiences. She has over 25 years of management, business, research and development experience in the field of Computer Science, Education, Creative designs and Technology Enhanced Learning in the creation of intelligent systems and applications to support and deliver smart digital solutions.  Patricia has received a number of standards and invention awards, while working in industry for her contribution to the field of computer science research. As a senior researcher at the London Knowledge Lab, Institute of Education she has been commissioned to work with the creative industries, in particular designing change in teaching and learning through ‘Fusion’.  Patricia designs and delivers artists in residence experiences, across-discpline  experiences of computer science, engineering and art with students of all ages.  Patricia led the Building Community Knowledge project with Professor Diana Laurillard for designing and delivering impact evaluation strategies and tools for scalable online learning (see related work on CRAM, MOOCs, International Learning Design Challenges, Move-it-online Challenge, and Innovations projects).  Her work in creativity and mathematics research is in the construction of new methods and tools for authoring learning analytics using design-based methodologies. Patricia designs and delivers intelligent semantic web and data analytics for a broad range of projects, especially in the area of teaching and learning and the Internet of Things.

Patricia’s profile including a list of publications

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ROB_0469smallJoanna Wild has an extensive record of evaluating digital learning experiences of users in and all levels of educational sector (schools, FE, HE). Since 2004 she has worked on a range of European and national research and development projects in technology-enhanced learning, for which she has developed strong skills in the use of qualitative and quantitative methods of data collection and analysis. Involvement in the EU-funded iCamp project triggered her continuing interest in exploring how teachers and learners assemble institutional and personal tools to support teaching and learning, and how these tools can impact on students’ engagement and performance. Before founding CDS Ltd, Joanna was consultant for the London Knowledge Lab, Institute of Education, working on the ESRC-funded Building Community Knowledge project led by Professor Diana Laurillard. Earlier, from 2010 to 2013 Joanna was part of the Education Enhancement Team at the University of Oxford and has researched in a number of JISC-, HEA-, and ESRC- and University funded projects in the field of TEL with the focus on digital experience research and evaluation, learning design, Open Educational Resources and Open Educational Practice. Joanna has a strong record of experience in applying Design-Based Research methodologies to guide development and evaluation of educational technology.

Joanna’ personal website including a list of projects and publications

LinkedIn profile

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