Making  history with every year 7 student

The project partners came together to celebrate an important milestone  for the Micro bit project of delivering the device to every year 7 student. To celebrate this achievement a micro:bit opened the London Stock Exchange Today with ‘a little help’ from BBC director general  Tony Hall.

BBC micro:bit launch at the London Stock Exchange. Tuesday 22nd March.

BBC micro:bit launch at the London Stock Exchange. Tuesday 22nd March.

Tony Hall  paid tribute to the creative and innovative excellence of the UK that is recognised the world over. To deliver such an inspiring and visionary opportunity  at national scale shows the amazing power and richness of ‘diversity’ working together. The inclusive nature and widening participation of the project has enabled a scaling-up that has global reach.

So what’s next?

The power of the imaginations of movement examined through the micro:bit opens the door to the creative world of learning through making: This lab in your pocket enables everyone to take part in designing, creating, sharing and experimenting with art and science breaking down the boundaries of the physical and digital world and to share new insights and understanding.

We are leading on the design and development of creative IoT resources working with teachers, students and researchers to deliver a lab in your pocket to create the “Internetable of Anything to Everything”. If you want to find out more then why not contact us.

The Micro:bit and the Internet of Things

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