Today, Tony Hall, Director-General of the BBC, launched BBC Make It Digital programme – an exciting endeavour to inspire kids and young people to get creative with coding, programming and technology.

We are every excited to be part of this programme, in which we will collaborate with major UK organisations (such as STEMNET, Raspberry Pi Foundation, The Open University, CISCO, Code Club, Institute of Engineering and Technology, Decoded) to design, test and produce teaching and learning resources for coding with microbugs.

Drawing from our experience of working with teachers and students using arduinos, lilypads and Raspberry Pis (see, for example, HackED 2015), we aim to create engaging and compelling learning activities for the students that support the teachers in delivering learning outcomes in computer science and related disciplines. Also, we intend to collaborate with teachers to design learning experiences to facilitate interdisciplinary creative student thinkers that take agency over their own learning. We will connect with our outreach communities to provide professional development workshops.

Read more: BBC Make It Digital Press Release

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