Collaborative course design

Designing and running open online courses and/or advising on the design of MOOCs in a variety of digital platforms (e.g. CourseSites, Moodle, Sakai, WordPress)

Developing digital learning materials and innovate digital resources for collaborative learning and peer-to-peer support (e.g. rubrics)

Designing and running a range of workshops and Education Hackfests: See Creative Computer Science and Engineering designs in action

Facilitating teachers’ and students’ engagement with digital technologies

Designing and running bespoke workshops for school-, FE- and HE- teachers with the focus on inquiry-based teaching, innovative pedagogies and transformational use of digital technologies;

Delivering creative and innovation learning experiences through blended learning see Living spaces.

Support in implementation (and adaptation) of the Learning Designer tool into the institutional context  (schools, FE, HE)