Patricia Charlton


Dr Patricia Charlton is a leading researcher in deep learning through creative experiences. She has over 25 years of management, business, research and development experience in the field of Computer Science, Education, Creative designs and Technology Enhanced Learning in the creation of intelligent systems and applications to support and deliver smart digital solutions.

Patricia has received a number of standards and invention awards, while working in industry for her contribution to the field of computer science research. As a senior researcher at the London Knowledge Lab, Institute of Education she has been commissioned to work with the creative industries, in particular designing change in teaching and learning through ‘Fusion’.

Patricia designs and delivers artists in residence experiences, across-discpline  experiences of computer science, engineering and art with students of all ages.  Patricia led the Building Community Knowledge project with Professor Diana Laurillard for designing and delivering impact evaluation strategies and tools for scalable online learning (see related work on CRAM, MOOCs, International Learning Design Challenges, Move-it-online Challenge, and Innovations projects).

Her work in creativity and mathematics research is in the construction of new methods and tools for authoring learning analytics using design-based methodologies. Patricia designs and delivers intelligent semantic web and data analytics for a broad range of projects, especially in the area of teaching and learning and the Internet of Things.

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