The Internetable of anything to everything in my pocket

As Creative Digital Solutions enters its third year we thought we would take this opportunity to share with you some of our research and thinking. This particular short article and video presents part of our vision on “The Internetable of anything to everything in my pocket”. Dr. Patricia Charlton was invited to give a cross-disciplinary…Read more The Internetable of anything to everything in my pocket

Making history – the micro:bit revolution

Making  history with every year 7 student The project partners came together to celebrate an important milestone  for the Micro bit project of delivering the device to every year 7 student. To celebrate this achievement a micro:bit opened the London Stock Exchange Today with 'a little help' from BBC director general  Tony Hall. Tony Hall  paid tribute to the creative and…Read more Making history – the micro:bit revolution

The Micro Bit Project

On Tuesday 7th July 2015 the micro:bit was launched for the world to see.   It is impossible to express the excitement and 'electric' atmosphere of the partners working together to prepare and deliver the launch of the micro:bit. The commitment and the spirit of the project brings with it a community that is stimulating…Read more The Micro Bit Project

HackEd 2015

Brave year 10 students tackle the design of a smart city to bring the Internet of Things to life. The event took place over 2 days: 27th and 28th February. 15 students from Greig’s City Academy took the challenge to design and create a smart city. Working hard and going beyond all expectations the three teams…Read more HackEd 2015