Tate-Khan platform evaluation workshops

P1050565Last Friday was very exciting for CDS. We spent the day in the Tate’s Design Studio, working closely with two groups of prospective users of the Tate-Khan learning platform. The workshops were aimed at evaluating the first version of the platform to gain insights into the ways diverse user groups engage with learning modules on visual art that Tate made openly available. We were also interested to see how well the Khan Academy platform originally designed to support flipped classroom and learning in science subjects (maths in particular), supports learning in Arts.

In the workshops we worked with a range of age groups from secondary school students to semi-retired adults. We were pleased to see the enthusiasm with which groups collaboratively approached the explorations of Tate resources. The day was filled with innovative and insightful discussions, constructive feedback and interesting ideas to follow up. The findings from the workshops will inform the design of the next version of the Tate learning modules on Khan. P1050572

Today, our colleagues from Tate, Natasha Bonnelame and Camille Gajewski, presented the platform as part of the 17th What The Research Says event at London Knowledge Lab


P.S. If you are interested in helping us evaluate the next version of the Tate-Khan platform to be released in February/March 2015, get in touch!

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